Delicious Fried Calamari with Taratar Sauce

1: 1 pound fresh or thawed frozen squid
2: 1 egg
3: 1 tablespoon milk
5: 4/5 cup fine dry unseasoned bread crumbs
6: vegetable oil
7: tartar sauce
8: lemon wedges
these ingredients are need for this fried calamari with tartar sauce
how to prepare “fried calamari with tartar sauce “
step 1: to clean each squid,  hold body of squid firmly in one hand.  grasp head firmly with other hand ; pull head, twisting gently from side to side. set aside tubular body sac.
step 2: cut tentacles off head ; set aside. discard head and contents of body.
sstep 3: grasp tip of pointed, thin,clear  cartilage protruding from body;pull out and discard.
step 4: rinse squid under cold running water. peel of and discard spotted outer membrane covering body sac and fins.  pull off side fins, set aside.
step 5: rinse inside of squid througly under running water. repeat the remains squaid
step 6: cut each squaid body crosswise into 1/5 inch rings. cut reserved fins into thin slices.  ( body rings, fins and reserved tentacles are all edible parts.) pat piecs throughly dry paper towels.
step 7: beat egg with milk in small bowl. add squid piecs; stir to coat well. spread bread crumbs on plate. dip squid pieces in bread crumbs ; place in shallow bowl or on waxed paper. let sstand11 to 16 minutes before frying.
step 8: to full fry squid, heat 1.5 inches oil in large saucepan to 350 farenhight adjust minimum temperature fry 8 to 10 pieces of squid at a time in oil 45 to 60 second until light brown. remove with slotted spoon; drain on paper towels.  repeat with remaining squid pieces.
step 9: or, to shallow fry squid,heat about 5 inch oil large skillet over medium high heat; reduce heat to medium. add pieces of squid in single layer.  remkve the slotted spoon. serve hot with tartar sauce and leamon wedges.  garnish as desired.

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