Chinese Style Wintery Roll

Chinese style wintery roll is a dish which is very famous in china.It is also a traditional dish of china.It’s main ingredient is vegetable.So its very healthy dish for our health.In the time of winter many people’s of china are eat this dish very much.Now we are going to make Chinese style wintery, please follow the steps which are  given bellow.
1. 2 pieces of medium carrot,(trimmed)
2. 2 pieces of medium leek(trimmed, outer leaves removed).
3. 1 piece of celeriac,(peeled).
4. 4 sticks of celery,(trimmed).
5. 2 small onion.
6. ½ red capsicum,(cored).
7. ½ yellow  capsicum,(cored).
8. 2 pieces large fresh red chili.
9. 2 pieces of fresh ginger,(rooted).
10. 2 pieces of fat garlic cloves.
11. 50 gram of coriander.
12. 50 gram of bunch flatleaf parsley,(leaves picked).
13. 3 tablespoons olive oil.
14. 2  tablespoons soy sauce.
15. 2 tablespoons sesame oil.
16. 100 gram of mixed bean sprouts.
17. 1 tablespoons sesame seed,(lightly toasted).
18. 10  pieces of large spring roll wrappers,(about 24cm square).
19. 1  piece of egg,(beaten).
20. vegetable oil,(for deep frying).
These ingredients are need to prepare Chinese style wintery roll recipe.
How to prepare Chinese style wintery roll recipe:
1. At first Make the filling.
2. Then we have to Slice the carrot into long,thin lengths.Then cut into long that would look like sticks.
3. Now Cut the leek into small pieces.
4. Slice the celeriac and celery, then cut into julienne sticks.
5. Now cut the onions into small pieces.
6. Slice the peppers into sticks.
7. Cut the chilli into thin size.
8. Cut the ginger and garlic into small pieces and then chop these.
9. Now Mix everything together in a deep bowl.
10. Now time to do everything carefully so Heat olive oil in a deep frying pan.
11. When olive oil is looking hot then add half of the vegetables.
12. Now Cook and stir it for 1 minute.
13. After 1 minute remove it from the heat.
14. Season and toss cooked vegetables in soy and sesame oil then Drain vegetables  in a colander.
15. Now time to mix remaining vegetables.
16. When the filling has cooled peel off a spring roll wrapper –it will feel slightly sticky.
17. Cover the remainder.
18. Lay the wrapper and brush the edges with egg.
19. Now Spoon a sixth of the vegetables in a line on the top third of the wrapper.
20. Fold over the top of the wrapper and then close the all sides of it.
21. The roll should be about 18cm long.
22. Repeat process accordingly with the remaining filling and wrappers to make  the rolls.
23. Now rest these for 2 hours and
24. We can set uncovered in the fridge for stock it.
25. We should cook these rolls before serving to guests.
26. Heat oil in a deep pan to 180c
27. Now fry the rolls for 6 minutes or until crIspy or golden.
28. Drain on tissue paper.
29. Now Chinese style wintery roll is ready to be Served.
30. We can serve Chinese style wintery roll hot with salad,sauce,chatni or aachar on a plate to our guests.

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